Fiber Fleet - Full Share

Fiber Fleet - Full Share


Our fiber harvesting schedule at Garlic + Sheep is quarterly, by becoming a fiber share member you will receive the following starting in July 2018.

  • A customized project or pattern suited to your fiber interests.

  • Enough of that month’s yarn to achieve the project.

  • Customized tools for that month’s project.

  • Stitch Markers

  • Members will receive quarterly perks, and everyone get’s a Fiber Fleet tote bag with their first mailing, plus other sheep swag surprises each quarter.

  • Fiber Fleet will host two workshops a year. For 2018: One on animal husbandry and one on dyeing fiber with natural plants, these are special for members only!

  • Invites to exclusive events and an opportunity to be feature your patterns or projects on our blog and social media platforms.

  • Sheep stories.

  • The good feels of knowing the sheep your wool came from, while giving these grazers an opportunity to pay their feed bills.

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