Now Taking Reservations for 2019 bb's

Now Taking Reservations for 2019 bb's


Expecting twins from Mike Ermantrout (purebred Icelandic) and Flannery (Registered Purebred Icelandic) April/May 2019. Deposits can be made anytime to reserve your lambs, all lambs will be raised by mom for 12 weeks after birth.

About Dad: Mike has been the patriarch of my herd since 2015, he’s known for triplet and moorit genes. He’s a big old guy, and only shows attitude during breeding season, good posture, great horn set great track record and beautiful babies. Excited to see his genetic pairing with Flannery who carries some of the balancing finer genes of Icelandic breeding.

About Mom: Flannery is your classic, fine boned, fine featured and fine fibered Icelandic beauty, this is her second year with Garlic + Sheep, she’s proven herself to be a great mom, both in ease of birth and rearing her young, as well as being one of the sweetest tempers in the heard. She has scurs, but not a full set of horns, both her babies from last year were polled with great sets and great temperaments. One of her scurs was broken off in a bad shearing accident, and so she and Mike have that in common (Mike lost 1/4 of his horn two seasons ago).

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