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Fiber fleet is for lovers of agriculture, education, knitting, crochet, and people who generally just love soft cuddly animals.  By becoming a member, you help the herd at Garlic + Sheep pay their bills, get good wool that's been raised sustainably , support an art genre and get sheep swag.  Find out more here.


Johanna Bystrom

Inspired by her past work on organic farms, Johanna founded Garlic + Sheep in 2015 with the purchase of her first four Icelandic Sheep.  She rehabilitated their health, improving temperament, diet and fiber quality by rotating them onto new pasture as often as possible.  This focus lead her to 48 acres at Virtue Cider, where she now works full time as the farm and hospitality manager and the sheep work as mowers and fertilizers to rebuild soil health.  She and Avril met shortly after and began working to create an outlet for the fleeces they produce yearly.  Together they started Fiber Fleet.


Avril Wiers

Avril is no stranger to fiber arts and farming, having found herself in Alaska working with Muskox and Reindeer at the Large Animal Research Station (LARS). Her involvement in the Fairbanks fiber community spans from collecting Qiviut fiber from the Muskox, helping organize the Fairbanks Fiber Festival and making fiber goods for the Large Animal Research Station’s shop. And with her new adventures in motherhood, she has en exciting future ahead of her. Avril is currently the Natural Resources and Conservation educator at the Ottawa Area Careerline Tech Center.  She's been featured in Modern Farmer and you can listen to her expertise as a featured guest on episode #62 of the Woolful Podcast.